"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lesson 8, Servants of God

Judges 1-3

Our Wrap Up from Mrs. Hamilton...

Mrs. Hamilton began our Wrap Up today by showing us a hat that belongs to her husband.  This wasn't just ANY hat... it was HIS FAVORITE hat.  She told us he REALLY REALLY loved this hat.  She said she knew she had to take really good care of it so that she was sure to get it back home to him.  She said he'd be SO SAD if anything happened to the hat.  Then... Mrs. Hamilton "tossed" the hat behind her and it fell to the floor.  Hm.

God gave the Israelites His commands and it was His desire that they followed and took good care of those commands.  Joshua 23:6

Then Mrs. Hamilton remembered she "tossed" the hat somewhere but didn't realized where it went.  A bit panicked, she knew she needed to find that hat!  Afterall, it was her husband's FAVORITE hat!  So this time, she "tossed" it to the ground in front of her.  At least there, she told us, she would know where it was.

Last week we witnessed Israel do good while Joshua and the elders were alive... Joshua 24:31.  But then we witnessed something very sad.  We learned in Judges 2:10 "...after that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors (after they died,) another generation grew up who knew neither the LORD not what He had done for Israel."  An entire generation was not being taught about the Lord and now we begin to see the consequences of not following God.  Judges 2:11

The Lord's commands were no longer important to Israel because the very commands cherished by Joshua's generation were no longer being TAUGHT to Israel.

Mrs. Hamilton asked the students to name some things that were very important to them.  Some answers were... pets, posters, rare items, musical instruments...  Mrs. Hamilton reminded the students of the hat which she had carelessly "tossed" to the ground.  She had said this hat was really IMPORTANT to her husband.  She asked the students if they thought the hat was "important" to HER?  Of course not!  If the hat had been important to her (like it was important to her husband,) she would never have just tossed it to the floor like she did.  Mrs. Hamilton made it clear that when we value something or when something is IMPORTANT to us, we TAKE GREAT CARE of these things.

Mrs. Hamilton told the students she had decided that even though the hat doesn't mean much to her, her husband is VERY IMPORTANT to her.  Therefore, she CHOOSES to take great care of the hat because she knows it is important to her husband.

There were consequences for Israel forgetting about God and His commands.  We're told in Judge 3:8 that "The anger of the LORD burned against Israel..." and even more.  But our kind and compassionate God doesn't turn away from Israel.  Judges 3:9  This shows us a "pattern" of forgettful people and a faithful God.

Mrs. Hamilton challenges us to not be a forgettful people but to make AND KEEP God our first and foremost Priority of our lives.  Ephesians 1:3

By choosing to keep God most important in our lives, we will avoid our own destruction.  1 John 1:9

No matter what... will you choose to make God truly #1 in your life?  Psalm 103:1-13