"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walking and leaping and praising God...

Acts 3
Today's Wrap Up was a bit different than our usual Wrap Ups.
Today, we were able to watch our
Angel Wings Friends
begin Colleen's talk about Lesson 5.
What a joy it was to be able to take a little trip
into the centrum and see the moms
(and hug the moms)
while watching such a sweet presentation!
Because of our little trip, however,
we were out of time for any of Mrs. McKain's Wrap Up.
By the time we returned upstairs,
it was time to pray and we SO enjoy our prayer time
with the Lord Jesus!

Hopefully, moms and students will be tuning into
our class blog to "dig deeper" into this week's lesson.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit
("why do you look at us as though this was done
by our own power?" Acts 3:12)  
and "in Jesus' name through faith made this man strong." Acts2:17
Peter didn't give the crippled man money, silver, gold, or food.
Peter gave him

Have you been given such precious Gift?
Have you been bold enough to give It away? 
No wonder the man "leaped up, walked... and praised God!"
Acts 3:8
The Holy Spirit allows us to give the Gift of Jesus
to many people on many occasions and
sometimes more than once.
And I praise God
He has given this Gift to me on many occasions and
sometimes more than once.
Jesus healed this man and Jesus heals us.

Sin CRIPPLES all of us.
Because of it, we are weak and unable to do God's will.
Shame keeps us from looking UP
just as Peter told the crippled man to
"Look at us!"
Jesus asks us to LOOK TO HIM
through repenting of our sins.
(Remember, repenting is more than just saying "I'm sorry."
There MUST be CHANGE with our apology.)
Only then does God, our fine Gentleman, heal us.

Jesus healed the crippled man.
And Jesus can heal us.
"He brought them out of darkness
and the deepest gloom
and broke away their chains."  Psalm 107:14

My prayer is that each of us will realize exactly
what kinds of "chains" our sins are disquised as
so that we may want to repent and be healed by Jesus.
Then we too may
"walk and leap and praise God." Acts 3:8b