"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apples and Grilled Cheese

Now that it's FALL, apple season is upon us!
(Be sure to check out Mrs McKain's
Wrap Up using an apple, if you haven't already.)
When I was a kid and just started cooking
all on my own, I liked to experiment.
(Students, you can ONLY experiment when you
your parents know in advance what you are planning!)
I LOOOOVED making grilled cheese.
And I loved apples.
So I got the bright idea to ADD my apples
to my grilled cheese as it was cooking.
I wasn't crazy about it at first but
as I've gotten older, I've learned to perfect it.
Slice (and peel if you choose) your apple REALLY thin.
Layer sliced apple and cheese between
two pieces of buttered bread (butter goes on the outside.)
Grill in a skillet over low to medium heat
until lightly toasty brown.  Yuuuuummmm!
I still like a regular grilled cheese from time to time
with my apples on the side.
There's just something about "them warm apples!"