"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Thursday, August 4, 2011

John Chapters 19, 20, and 21

After reading chapters 19, 20, and 21
from the book of John,
(click HERE to veiw these Scriptures)
answer these questions and
share your answers with your family.
Record the actual scripture verse(s)
that help you find your answers.

John chapter 19

1.  Who had Jesus flogged (beaten)?

2.  How did God give the Jews a final chance to change their minds about Jesus?  And what was their decision?

3.  What power did Pilate speak of in v. 10?

4.  According to Zechariah 4:6b and Jesus's words in John 19:11, from where does true power come>

5.  In vv. 1-16 and considering Matthew 27:19, list the opportunities God gave Pilate to change his mind about Jesus.

6.  Why do you think Pilate had the sign on Jesus's cross written in three different languages?

7.  Even as He was dieing, Jesus showed compassion toward others.  How did Jesus honor His mother, Mary?

8.  (vv. 24-37) Read Psalm 22:14-21.  List the times John mentions "so that scripture might be fulfilled" and match them to the prophecies of Psalm 22.

9.  Read Mark 14:50.  Why wouldn't Jesus's apostles, His closest friends, have tended to His burial?

John chapter 20

1.  Who was the first person to find the tomb empty?

2.  Read Mark 16:9.  What had Jesus done for this person?

3.  From v. 2b, what word indicates this person was not alone at the time of finding the empty tomb?

4.  Read Mark 15:40-41.  How do we know these people were followers of Jesus?

5.  What sign do we have from v. 7 that Jesus didn't just "vanish into thin air?"

6.  Read Isaiah 43:9-11.  From John 20:9 and the verses from Isaiah, what must believers UNDERSTAND about why Jesus HAD to rise from the dead?

7.  (vv. 24-30) Every time you see the word "believe" in these verses, replace it with "understand." Keeping question #6 in mind as you do this, share what yo uthink we are to "believe" and "understand" about Jesus Christ?

John chapter 21

1.  Read John 20:14, 21:4, and also Luke 24:13-16.  Then read Philippians 3:20-21.  What does this tell you about the bodies of believers after death in this life?

2.  (vv. 15-17) Look up the definitions for Phileo love and Agape love.  About which kind of love do you think Jesus was asking Peter?

3.  (vv. 20-24) Who do you think "the disciple whom Jesus loved" was?

4.  If Jesus did so "many other things" "that even the whole world would not have room for in books," just think of all Jesus can (and will) do for you and me!  If you feel comfortable sharing, share something Jesus has done for you that others may not know about.  OR share something Jesus has done for you during this study that really made you want to know Him even more than you might already know Him.  Then reread John 21:24 and consider the importance your testimony is so that others will know the TRUTH about Jesus Christ and what He has to offer them.

May you be blessed with the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!