"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Thursday, August 4, 2011

John Chapters 17 and 18

After reading chapters 17 and 18
from the book of John,
(click HERE to veiw these Scriptures)
answer these questions and
share your answers with your family.
Record the actual scripture verse(s)
that help you find your answers.

John chapter 17

1.  (vv. 1-5) What is eternal life?

2.  Other than v. 5, when does John tell us the truth of Jesus being with God from the very beginning?  Be sure to record the scripture.

3.  Of "those whom (God) gave (to Jesus,)" what are the three things set them apart from the world?  List more than three if you find more.

4.  How is Jesus glorified?

5.  How are believers protected in this world?

6.  In vv. 9-14, from whom (or what) is Jesus aksing for believers to be protected?  In v. 15, from specifically does Jesus pray for believers to be protected?

7.  Look up the definition of sanctified in a dictionary and record its meaning.

8.  How are believers sanctified?

9.  Along with believers, who does Jesus pray for?

10.  How will these other people come to believe in Jesus?

11.  (vv. 20-26) Through unity among believers, what does God want to show the world?  Through this same unity, what doe He want to show believers?

John chapter 18

1.  Why do you think those who came with Judas were "carrying weapons" with them?

2.  Compare how these people approached Jesus in v. 3 to how they behaved in v. 6.  Explain the differences you see in their behavior toward Jesus and why do you think there was a difference.

3.  When it comes to Jesus Chirst, can you compare the behaviors of people today to the behaviors of the people in v. 3 and v. 6?  Explain your answer.

4.  Reread John 5: 36 and 7:16-17.  What is "the cup" Jesus referred to in v. 11?

5.  (vv. 15-18) What did "the other disciple" ask of the slave girl?

6.  Peter remained in the courtyard just outside the high priest's courtyard.  How did God protect Peter through Peter's choice to not enter into the high priest's courtyard with the slave girl who was sent by "the other disciple?" (Consider also vv. 8-9.)

7.  Where did Jesus do most of His talking and teaching?

8.  How are Peter's actions in vv. 25-27 opposite of Jesus's teachings mentioned in vv. 20-21?

9.  Reread vv. 28-40.  Describe the TRUTH you see in the ACTIONS of Pilate, Jesus, and the Jews.  In other words, based on their actions, what TRUTH can you tell about these three?  According to God's Word, what do we know to be true about these three?