"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Monday, June 6, 2011

John Chapters 1, 2, and 3

After reading the first three chapters of
the book of John,
(click HERE to read these Scriptures)
answer these questions and
share your answers with your family.
Record the actual scripture verse(s)
that help you find your answers.

John chapter 1

1.  From verses 1-2 only, how do we know these verses are about Jesus?

2.  (vv. 10-13) What gives us the right to be called children of God?

3.  Compare v13 and Ephesians 2:8. Is it our choice to believe in Jesus? Explain.

4.  From vv32-34, why did John baptize with water?

5.  Read Mark 11:29-33 and Acts 19:4-5. Why should we be baptized?

6.  (vv. 35-51) Think of how cool it would be for someone to introduce you to Jesus and have Him verify Who He is by telling something personal about you which no one else might know. Share something you’ve seen or experienced that was similar to Nathanael’s experience with meeting Jesus for the first time. It was a moment he KNEW –WITHOUT A DOUBT- was a “God Moment.”

John chapter 2

1.  (vv. 13-19) Read Psalm 69: 6-9. How are these verses a sign of Jesus taking our sin upon Himself?

2.  After reading vv24-25, how does it make you feel knowing that Jesus knows exactly what you’re thinking... all of the time?

John chapter 3

1.  How can someone be “born of water” as Jesus spoke of in v3?

2.  How can someone be “born of the Spirit?”

3.  (Read again chapter 1 vv. 26a and 33b.)

4.  In vv. 22-23, was Jesus baptizing with water or the Holy Spirit? Read also Acts 1:8 and 2:1-4.

5.  (vv. 24-30) Were John’s disciples “followers of John” or “followers of what John was preaching?” Explain.

6.  How can we be followers of Jesus AND followers of what He preaches?