"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Monday, June 13, 2011

John 4 and 5

After reading chapters 4 and 5
from the book of John,
(click HERE to veiw these Scriptures)
answer these questions and
share your answers with your family.
Record the actual scripture verse(s)
that help you find your answers.

John chapter 4

1.  (vv. 13-15) Everyone is looking for “something” in life. Have you ever felt “thirsty” for something without feeling a need for a drink? If so, what?

2.  What did Jesus know the woman at the well was “thirsty” for in vv. 16-18?

3.  Review John 3:16 and also Exodus 34:6-7b. How is Jesus and what the woman thirsted for the same?

4.  (vv. 19-24) Read also Romans 12:1-2. How does Jesus say we are to worship God?

5.  Now read John 4:24, 2 Peter 2:13, and Hebrews 12:28 and explain WHY we are to worship in such a way as Jesus explains.

6.  Read Romans 5:5. What word is used to explain how God shows His love to us?

7.  Based on the Exodus scripture, how can we (and the woman at the well) know that God’s love and salvation is for us as well as the Jews?

8.  (vv. 39-41) What effect did the woman’s testimony have on the town’s people?

9.  Have you ever heard someone’s testimony and it caused you to want to know more about Jesus? Share if you can.

John chapter 5

1.  What do vv. 1-9 tell us about believing in Jesus and being healed?

2.  (vv. 10-15) Did the invalid of 38 years believe in Jesus? What verse gives you your answer?

3.  According to Romans 6:10, who did Jesus die for?

4.  Why do you think Jesus made sure He saw the healed invalid a second time?

5.  Read Genesis 2:2-3 and compare it to John 5:16-17. Was Jesus sinning? Why or why not?

6.  In your own words, how does God see the Sabbath?

7.  Read again vv. 19-30 and pray for God to touch your heart through these Scriptures. Then share what touches your heart and why.

8.  The “Holy Trinity” is never mentioned in Scripture. After reading John 5:31 and 37, Mark 1:9-11, and John 10:25-30, how do we know the Holy Trinity exists?

9.  (vv. 33-35) Can the testimonies of other people save us? Why or why not?

10.  Read Ephesians 2:8. What did Jesus mean by saying He had weightier testimony than that of John’s?

11.  (vv. 45-47) Why was the testimony of Moses so important to the Jews who persecuted Jesus?

12.  If Jesus doesn’t need our testimony to others as He mentioned in v 34a (read it again to know exactly how He stated it,) and it is only by grace through faith by which we can be saved, why should we even share our testimonies with others?