"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Friday, December 31, 2010


Blessed New Year to all of our CBS students and their families!

Father God, Right and Good is Who You are.
You make all things new.
As we look foward to 2011,
we look with anticpation to the coming of Your Son.
Father I ask so many blessings be poured out upon
these young CBS students
and Your will to be made clear to them
for their lives and Your purpose within it.
Give us good health,
great friends,
safe travels,
direct focus,
Your joy
and Your peace.
Give us also the understanding of
Your knowing exactly what we need when we need it.
Forgive us when we purposely choose wrong against You.
Forgive us when we knowingly AND unknowingly hurt You.
Only YOU can give us the ability & desire to forgive others
when they knowingly and unknowingly hurt us.
Keep us from wanting what we want
more than what You want for us.
Protect us from the devil's tricks and evil ways.
Only YOU hold the power of Life
and all the blessings which lay within it.
Glory to the King of Kings!


Linda Stubbs said...

Hi Kelly.........what a precious lady you are. I will come back and read some on your blog. Looks like I will like......a lot! Just read your prayer. Prayed it also. Beautiful!

Kind of amazed that 200 people would come to my party.Whatever it has been so fun to meet new ladies. Can I ask how did you find me? So glad you did!

Blessings, Linda
Thank you so much for putting me on your blog. You are so sweet!

kellyjean said...

Hi there, Linda! So glad you were blessed by the prayer. God works like that... touching hearts through His mighty Word. Praise Him!

Found your post about the cookbook give-away through Gooseberry Patch. Hope some of my students and/or their parents visit so they will have a chance to win as well. Thank you again for the give-away!