"Do not just hear the Word of God and think hearing is enough. DO what it says!" James 1:22

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lessons 9 and 10

Acts 8
Our Acts Lessons 9 and 10 Wrap Ups came from Mrs. McKain.  Here is God's message through her...

"Acts 8:
Does everyonek know what a seek and find puzzle is?
What do you try to do?

What are these (instructions-they tell you what to do), What is this box (that is where all the letters are for the words), What are the words at the bottom (that is where it tells you what you are looking for).

In the box of the letters all the information we need to find the words are there, we just have to be able to sort out what exactly we need. But to really make sure our answers are right we need to know what words we are searching for. Think if we were only given the square box, we would have no directions, and no words to find. We wouldn't know what we were looking for, or what really we were to do.

Imaging the bible as a seek and find. All the information is there but sometimes we need some guidance; maybe that is our pastor, your mom or dad, or Mrs G, or maybe someone else.

Philip was sent by God to the eunoch to help him understand the meaning of what he was reading. Philip asked if he understood what he was reading and the eunoch replied, how can i without a teacher. We must have someone help us understand and we can help others understand. When God gives you the faith to believe and the knowledge to understand what He has done, He wants you to share what you have learned and know.

Philip was given an amazing gift, he knew the scriptures. Know that God wants you to use your gifts to help others as well. We need to lead people to Life's Instruction book- THE HOLY BIBLE. We should be like the words at the bottom of a seek and find, there to guide people to the one and only Jesus Christ.

Acts 9:1-30
Acts 9:Obey God Even When It Doesn't Make Sense

Divide kids into 4 groups. Give each a sheet of cardstock.
If they ask questions say only the directions the group was given.

Group 1: Draw and color an oval, or like a round race track
Group 2: Draw 2 giant hills side by side
Group 3: Draw a long, straight road along the bottom of the board and draw a tall, skinny building at the beginning and end of the road, and a tall skinny building in the middle of the road
Group 4: Draw the body and 2 legs of a stick man

Thank you for following my directions. It may not make any sense to you but we will find out later how it will all fit.

We learned about a man named Ananias who got a special assignment from God to go to Saul. Ananias go the job because he was a disciple. Now Ananias was called to go to Saul and to heal him.

Do you guys remember who saul was?

-Christian killer, stoning and stephen, blind...

Ananias was a little scared to go see him and told God (v13-14). The Lord then reassured him saying (v15-16). Instead of Ananias continuing his questions and doubts, HE WENT. Not only did Ananias go, but approached Saul as BROTHER... much like we would say hey buddy whats up!

Ananias didnt have to go, he could have told God to find someone else, or completely have ignored God. But he didn't he went!

Ananias go directions that didn't make much sense to him, but he was given a choice either to do, or ignore what God asked him to do. Let's look at our posters together to understand a little better what Ananais did...

(representative from each group, in no order to come and describe their groups directions.)

What clues does this give us about what Ananias did?
-Went through cities, through mountains, tried to go fast, walked...

(move kids around to where posters say OBEY)

What does the posters tell you he did now?


It is clear Ananais obeyed what God had told him to do, even though he had no idea why. He trusted God and went.

Are there teimes when it is hard for you to obey?
-mom and dad, school

What are some of the things God asks you to do?

What should we do when God asks?

Homework: TO LOOK UP JEREMIAH 42:6"